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IDENTIFICATION CRITERIA Latent fingerprints are identified by the comparison of the friction ridge characteristics between the known and the unknown impressions.  Differing applications of the Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of friction ridge information has brought forth legal questions about the reliability of the Science of Fingerprints based upon the lack of standards in the identification process. This section is for the posting of articles and opinions regarding ridge events and their repeatability and reliability to be used in the identification process.


RELIABILITY OF CONCLUSIONS  - The conclusions drawn from the application of the identification process are not consistent within the Fingerprint Identification Community based upon the varied analysis  Identification Criteria between Analyst to Analyst. This section is for the posting of articles and opinions regarding the reliability of the identification if the practitioners Quantify or Do Not Quantify the analysis. 


PROCESSING TECHNIQUES - This section is for posting articles and opinions regarding techniques or applications in the development of latent fingerprints.


This section also has information on the development of blood impression evidence, Infrared visualization of blood and gunshot residue, and the detection of the presence of latent blood stains.

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