10/02/18    Posted link to Evolve Forensics Latent Print Education Series

06/12/17     Posted link to Ed German's 2016 IAI presentation "Unusual, Genius, Stupid Tactics For More Fingerprint and Facial Identifications"    

05/02/17      Posted Link to OSAC and Friction Ridge Subcommittee on front page, Posted link to Austin Hicklin PHD Thesis- "Improving the Rigor of the Latent Print Examination Process"

02/11/15       Posted NIST Research Study Reliability of the ACE-V Process: Accuracy & Precision in Latent Fingerprint Examinations

03/17/14       Posted Improving the Understanding and the Reliability of the Concept of "Sufficiency" in Friction Ridge Examination - By Cedric Neumann, Christophe Champod, Mina Yoo, Thibault Genessay, Glenn Langenburg -December 2013

01/10/14       Posted  U.S. Departments of Justice and Commerce Name Experts to First-ever National Commission on Forensic Science

08/28/13       Posted link to announcement for National Commission on Forensic Science articles on main page and link to updated Home Office Fingermark Visualisation Manual on Processing Page

04/03/13       Posted Latent Print Examination and Human Factors: Improving the Practice through a Systems Approach-- The Report of the Expert Working Group on Human Factors in Latent Print Analysis February 2012

09/05/12       Posted UK Home Office Fingerprint Sourcebook on Mark development and enhancement and Posted Editorial Opinion on Sufficiency for Sole Source Conclusions

05/04/12       Posted  NIST Funded Study "Specific Heat Capacity Thermal Function of the Cyanoacrylate Fingerprint Development Process", 2012

04/29/12     Posted “New Insight into the Chemical Improvement of Shoeprints and Fingerprints Placed with Blood on Non-Porous Surfaces” by Theo Velders

04/25/12     Posted "Do fingerprint ridges and characteristics within ridges change with pressure?"  A definitive study on the unreliable reproducibility of level 3 ridge features during the act of touch

03/10/12     Updated A proposed objective  Qualitative and Quantitative Individualization Standard weighted on the clarity of  ridge features.  Based upon Locard's tripartite rule.

02/23/12   Posted Latent Print Examination and Human Factors: Improving the Practice through a Systems Approach -The Report of the Expert Working Group on Human Factors in Latent Print Analysis-Feb 2012 & A consolidated list of annotated bibliographic references of published research related to latent print analysis - SWGFAST response to questions posed by Research, Development, Testing & Evaluation Inter-Agency Working Group under the NSTC Forensic Science subcommittee

12/28/11   Posted link to the June 2011 NIJ Conference - Panel Discussion on "Human Factors in Latent Print Examination"

12/15/11   Posted link to the McKie Fingerprint Inquiry Report - Posted Article from Les Bush "Fingerprints- Nerves and Skin"

10/01/11   Posted Two Articles Regarding - Weight Based Evaluations of Friction Ridge Impressions From The Frequency of Various Ridge Events/Characteristics

07/25/11   Posted link to- The fingerprint "Source Book" by Scientific Working Group on Friction Ridge Analysis, Study and Technology (SWGFAST), et al. March 2011

06/04/11   Posted A Review of the FBI's Progress in Responding to the Recommendation in the OIG Report on the Brandon Mayfield Case - June 2011

03/04/11   Posted Article "The Need For a Research Culture In The Forensic Sciences"

02/19/11   Posted a discussion on "A Matter of Standards" by Arie Zeelenberg- Netherlands Senior Advisor Fingerprints National Police Service, February 16, 2011

02/13/11   Posted link to 2010 International Identification Practices -- supplemental to 2002 Fingerprint World report

12/22/10   Posted link to Senator Leahy's press release to introduce forensics reform legislation in 112th Congress

12/08/10   Posted A complete resource for NAS report, Congressional hearings, and the resulting Presidential Commission of the National Science and Technology Council (NSTC)

9/13/10     Posted SWGFAST combined friction ridge methodology and standards for conclusion documents into one draft for comment entitled

                   "STANDARDS FOR EXAMINING FRICTION RIDGE IMPRESSIONS AND RESULTING CONCLUSIONS"  This and other drafts for comment are available at www.swgfast.org

8/06/10        Posted IAI  Resolution 2010-18  -7/16/10 - Rescinding resolutions forbidding probabilistic conclusions on friction ridge conclusions

3/19/10      Posted Science In Court:The Fine Print- Nature 464, 344-346 (2010) and  Daubert and Forensic Science:The Pitfalls of Law Enforcement Control of Scientific Research Paul C. Giannelli

12/26/09    Posted link to Stochastics - "The real science behind forensic pattern identification"

11/05/09    Posted link to 2009 NIJ  Grant to develop a quantitative approach to measuring and establishing a standard for "sufficiency" of information available in friction ridge (fingerprint) patterns, and

                   US v. Hamza Keita - October 30, 2009 - Motion to Exclude Latent Fingerprint Testimony - Challenge Based primarily on the findings of the NAS and the U.S. OIG Mayfield reports

11/23/09    Posted Final NAS Report on front page

9/26/09      Posted Link to 2009 Scottish Public Inquiry of the McKee Case

9/09/09      Posted Quantitative Assessment Of Individuality Of Friction Ridge Patterns  - A federally funded study by Sargur N. Srihari - 3/20/09

8/18/09      Posted Glenn Langenburg's "Deposition of Bloody Friction Ridge Impressions" on processing techniques page

6/25/09      Posted Appellate Court of Illinois, First District, First Division. The PEOPLE of the State of Illinois, Plaintiff-Appellee, v. Cory SAFFORD,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Conviction reversed as there was no evidentiary foundation and lack of detail of the facts supporting the opinion of the fingerprint examiner of individualization.

4/11/09      Posted Link to Forensic Science For The 21st Century - The National Academy of Sciences Report and Beyond - Conference

3/26/09      Posted NAS Congressional Testimony on Front Page

2/21/09      Posted on link page - INTERPOL Fingerprint Research Information

2/18/09      Posted link to the NAS report on the front page "Strengthening Forensic Science in the United States:  A Path Forward"

1/19/09      Posted abstract from another study about the unreliability of pores in identification

10/17/08    Posted LA Times Article regarding LAPD errors

8/26/08      Added Fingerprint Identification (Science or Not) by Warren Ashton, Retired RCMP

8/22/08      Added FBI  presentation at the 2008 IAI Conference "The State of The FBI Laboratory's Latent Print Operation - Four Years After Madrid" - Thanks to onin.com download the PowerPoint

7/28/08      Posted link to Henry Templeman's work on "Fingerprint Individualization Based on Relevant Fingerprint Population and Likelihood for Duplication"

7/21/08     Posted two recent Simon Cole Articles

5/6/08       Posted CBS report on "Weighing Fingerprints As Forensic Evidence"

11/17/07  Posted article Many are to blame for Maryland Judge's Decision - November 8, 2007 by Crime Lab Report
  Posted paper referenced on Locard Article   “Development of a Mathematical Formula for the Calculation of Fingerprint Probabilities Based on Individual Characteristics "- J. W. Osterburg, T. Parthasarathy, T. E. S. Raghavan, and S. L. Sclove, ,” Journal of the American Statistical Association 72, 772–778 (1977).

10/21/07  Posted Maryland vs Bryan Rose ruling from May 2007 Frye Hearing "The State did not prove in this case that opinion testimony by experts regarding the ACE-V method of latent print identification rests on a reliable factual foundation"

10/3/07    Posted link Identifying The Needs of the Forensic Sciences Community View National Academy of Sciences Presentations from these 2007 meetings

9/27/07    Posted Oregon District Court Judge Ann Aiken held in Brandon Mayfield, et al. v. the United States of America, that two sections of the Foreign     Intelligence Surveillance Act amended under the Patriot Act are unconstitutional

8/10/07     Posted Infrared Imaging of Blood Impressions - Testing and infrared imaging to visualize blood impressions on black socks as seen on Court TV coverage of the OJ Simpson Trial

7/31/07     Posted Amanda Atkins 2007 IAI presentation - Developing bloody latent prints on dark surfaces  

6/28/07     SWGFAST forms the Tenprint Standing Committee and seeks applicants for membership - final filing date 8/31/07

3/18/07     Added links to : 1) Infrared Spectroscopic Imaging for Noninvasive Detection of Latent Fingerprints

2) Computation of Likelihood Ratios in Fingerprint Identification for Configurations of Any Number of Minutić

11/9/06     Added  "Historical Development and Evaluation of the 12 point rule", and the

                1972 FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, An Analysis of Standards In Fingerprint Identification

6/14/06     Added link to Scottish Parliamentary Inquiry Video and Transcript regarding the McKie case

5/31/06     Added link to National Academy of Sciences November 2005 Sackler Colloquia on forensic sciences

3/24/06     Added link to download selective chapters of the OIG Full Unclassified Report

3/17/06     Added page containing Mayfield, Daoud, and the latent  images from the OIG final report

3/2/06       Added link to Dr. I.E. DROR articles on Contextual effect on individualizations

1/06/06     Added link to Office of Inspector General summary report on Madrid error (9mb)  Web Viewable (900kb) FBI response

12/23/05    Added link to the FBI committee report on the misidentification of a latent print

4/28/05        Added statement of sufficiency on the index page

2/15/05        Added Sourcebook Request for chapter authors 

1/13/05        Added NIJ Solicitation .pdf and NIJ link

1/10/05       Added link to Utah Appellate Quintana decision

12/14/04    Added Calif. Assoc. of Criminalists (CAC) link and CAC article on the analysis of the erroneous Madrid print

11/26/04    Added Link on processing techniques page for study on DNA & fingerprints on cartridges